Fayette County elects its Mayor every 4 years, 12 Urban County Council Members (each representing one District) every 2 years, and 3 additional At-Large Council Members representing all Districts every 4 years. The At-Large Council Member receiving the largest number of votes serves as Vice Mayor. All races are non-partisan.

Like we did before the last election, the Pensacola Park neighborhood posed a series of written questions to each candidate we will be voting on in 2022’s election. We also invited each candidate to meet with the neighborhood in person. The candidates’ responses to our questions and meeting dates are listed below. Please join us at these meetings with the candidates to talk further about these issues or ask any other questions you may have for them.

All meetings will be at the Hunter Presbyterian Church in the basement undercroft room. Entrance to the basement is on the right side of the building with plenty of parking near the door.

Seat Candidate Attending neighborhood meetingQ&A
At-LargeDan WuMay 5th, 7:45pmQ&A
At-LargeDr. Arnold FarrMay 5th, 7:45pmQ&A
At-LargeChuck EllingerJune 2nd, 7pmno response
At-LargeRichard MoloneyJune 2nd, 7pm
At-LargeBill Farmer Jr.July 7th, 7pmQ&A
At-LargeJames BrownSept 1st, 7pm
At-LargeLillie Miller Johnsonno responseno response
At-LargeMatthew Miniardno responseno response
District 10Dave SevignyJune 2nd, 7pm
District 10Ross Mannno responseno response
MayorDavid KloiberAugust 4th, 7pmQ&A
Mayor Linda Gorton (incumbent)Sept 1st, 7pm
MayorAdrian WallaceJuly 7th, 7pmno response
MayorWilliam Weymanno responseno response