Making changes to the exterior of your house

If you’re making changes to the exterior of your property, there are guidelines to follow to stay in compliance with our H-1 district. Please consult these resources before beginning any exterior work.

If you have any questions, contact the Lexington Office of Historic Preservation at (859) 258-3265.

Neighborhood meetings postponed

Our regular monthly neighborhood meetings are on hold until it is safe to gather in person again. Until then, we will use email to communicate. If you would like to be included on the email list, contact us here or email us at

Normally, meetings are held the first Wednesday of every month at 7pm at Liken House, 1815 Nicholasville Road (corner of Nicholasville and Rosemont Garden). We meet to discuss neighborhood business, and the meetings are open to all residents.

Learn about your District 3 Representative candidates and vote on November 3!

In 2020 our district will vote for a new representative to fill the seat that was held by Jake Gibbs. Earlier this spring, the candidates took the time to respond to questions presented by our neighborhood. Please read about their positions, consider, and vote on November 3!

Jessica Mohler
Jessica Mohler
Hannah LeGris
Hannah LeGris

If you’re voting by mail return your ballot as soon as possible!

Find all the information you need for voting here:
Lexington Voting Information
Kentucky Voter Information Guide
Lexington Herald-Leader step-by-step voting guide

Pensacola Park added to National Register of Historic Places

On June 22, 2020, the National Park Service added Pensacola Park to the National Register of Historic Places. You should have received a letter from the Kentucky Heritage Council recently with information about the potential tax benefits that come with this designation. Following is some more generation information from the KHC website:

What does National Register listing mean for property owners?

Listing in the National Register confers honorary status on historic sites and does not affect property ownership rights or place any restrictions or obligations on property owners. National Register listing is meant to recognize properties of historic importance and should not be confused with local historic designations, which may require that any proposed work or alteration of a building or site be reviewed and approved by a local architectural review committee.

Owners of National Register properties may qualify for state and/or federal tax credits for rehabilitation to standards set forth by the Secretary of the Interior, as certified by the Kentucky Heritage Council, or by making a charitable contribution of a preservation easement.

What are the benefits?

Designation as a National Register property provides potential tax benefits. Income-producing properties (such as retail businesses, apartments, bed and breakfasts, and other commercial buildings) listed in or eligible for the National Register may qualify for the Federal Historic Rehabilitation Tax Credit, while commercial and owner-occupied buildings listed in the National Register or contributing to a National Register district may be eligible for the Kentucky Historic Preservation Tax Credit. Often, the federal and state credit may be used in tandem. To qualify, proposed rehabilitation must be reviewed and certified by Kentucky Heritage Council staff and completed in accordance with the Secretary of the Interior’s Standards, outlined in the Illustrated Guidelines for Rehabilitating Historic Buildings.

Additionally, federal survey and planning grants are available through the Certified Local Government Program for activities such as preparing National Register nominations, preservation planning, or identifying and documenting historic buildings, sites and structures, among others. Grants are awarded on a 60/40 matching basis.

An important benefit of National Register listing is that the honorary status conferred by this designation often lends credibility to efforts to preserve these historic resources as viable, functioning community assets. Additionally, the documentation required for National Register listing helps communities to understand, recognize and appreciate the historic significance of their unique local historic resources.

You can see our complete 74-page application, which describes our house styles and the history of the neighborhood in great detail, here.

For more information contact Lisa M. Thompson, KHC National Register Program Coordinator. Her email address is or phone (502) 892-3609; or contact us here or email us at

Neighborhood response to COVID-19

If you are staying home and need assistance with anything (picking up groceries, prescriptions, a meal cooked), or know someone else who might, please contact us here or email us at We have a team of neighbors who can help.

You can get good quality information about COVID-19 from:

Need a mask?

One of our neighbors is making masks for a $5 donation to the neighborhood. All proceeds will be used for improvements to Pensacola Park, like the trees we planted in March along Rosemont Garden.

If you would like a face mask, you can donate here via PayPal or Venmo, or contact us for cash/check directions. In either case, reach us here or email us at and let us know:

  • Quantity
  • Size: large, medium, small (kid size)
  • Your choice of reversible decorative print on one side/white on the other, or all white.