Historic District (H-1 Overlay)

In late 2018, motivated by proposed development that is significantly out of scope and character of the neighborhood, neighbors from Penmoken Park, Suburban Court, Rosemont Garden, Nicholasville Road, Wabash Drive, Lackawanna Road, Goodrich Avenue, and Pensacola Drive joined together to understand how Lexington’s urban infill and redevelopment plan would affect our neighborhood. Feeling that the historic character of the neighborhood is in jeopardy, the neighborhood organized and developed support for an H-1 (Historic District) Overlay designation.

An H-1 overlay would not prevent development or large-scale changes to structures in the neighborhood, but it would require those changes to be approved by Lexington’s Board of Architectural Review (BOAR) to make sure they fit with the character of the neighborhood. In addition to structures, any new roads that may accompany new development in a neighborhood must also receive BOAR approval.

For homeowners, this means that some changes we might make, such as new roofing, windows, siding, or major landscape changes would also need to meet historic guidelines. Typically, those changes can be approved directly by the Historic Preservation Office. Modifications made to houses before H-1 approval would be grandfathered in and need not be “un-done” or “re-done.” When considering this extra step in home improvements, keep in mind that historic designation can increase property value over similar houses not in historic districts.

The Pensacola Park H-1 Overlay application was filed in early 2019. The BOAR and the Urban County Council Planning Commission approved the application, and the Urban County Council did not override the Planning Commission approval, so the H-1 Overlay will officially take effect on January 22, 2020.

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